Cargo Safety

Love our space as much as we do! 

Follow the Wapping Wharf Code 

  • Be kind and considerate to staff, residents and visitors

Consider wearing a face mask if it becomes crowded & be mindful that people may still prefer to avoid close contact 

Follow Government measures and those in place within individual businesses 

Keep in mind that the steps leading up to apartments on Gaol Ferry Steps provide access to people's homes, so we kindly ask you to leave a clear pathway

Have fun but remember to respect the neighbours, keeping noise to a minimum especially in the evenings

  • Enjoy our neighbourhood and leave it as you would wish to find it

Protect the environment by using the litter bins and taking your rubbish home with you if they are full 

The toilets are cleaned daily and are for customers and staff only

Let's work together to ensure Wapping Wharf is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you!