CARGO is home to a host of independent eateries, shops and more. This new concept made entirely of converted shipping containers is part of Wapping Wharf.

The Choux Box Patisserie The Choux Box Patisserie

The Choux Box Patisserie was created to bring added sparkle and fun to the French classic everyone loves! Having started the Choux dream in Bath where we now have two locations including our production kitchen, we are so excited to bring our buns with personality to Bristol. In Choux Box at Wapping Wharf you can expect to find a patisserie counter full of colourful choux buns and macarons, as well as delicious local coffee.

Alongside our classic Choux and Macaroon flavours we release a brand new weekend special....every week! Expect limited edition flavours such as 'The Chocolate Custard Choux-Nut', 'Pistachio and Chocolate Mille-Feuille Choux' and 'The Tirimi-Choux'.


Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 8pm; Monday to Wednesday, Closed