On the Go

From street food to specialist coffee – and everything in between – Wapping Wharf is set to offer huge range of options for food and drink 'on the go'.

Squeezed Squeezed

Squeezed is a tiny restaurant with big adventure, where the food is imaginative and extremely pleasurable. Everything that you'll consume at Squeezed (bar the brioche buns) is made fresh, onsite in the shipping container restaurant. Alongside high quality meat, Squeezed builds flavour around its patties with some truly unique and tasty sauces - creating a burger like nowhere else. Squeezed puts as much emphasis into its drinks as it does its burgers too - crafting everything with love and attention and proving that the entire fast food experience can be of outstanding quality.


Monday and Tuesday: Closed; Wednesday to Saturday: 12pm to 3pm & 4.30pm to 9pm; Sunday: 12pm to 4pm


Squeezed, Unit 23 Cargo, Museum Street, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6WE