CARGO is home to a host of independent eateries, shops and more. This new concept made entirely of converted shipping containers is part of Wapping Wharf.

Jigaraki Jigaraki

We asked ourselves... when were we so excited about food we couldn't stop talking about it and could we re-create that experience?

Instantly memories flooded back... buzzing kitchens in Iran serving street food above the crackling noise of laughter as people shared stories, life and food. We decided to try and bottle that magic and share it with others.

Jigaraki was born. A lively upstart with DNA based on excellence, flavour and fun. The Result: Persian and Levantine inspired street food. Noisy. Flavourful. Wholesome. Fresh. Try it and let us 'Re-jig your taste buds'.


Monday, 5-9pm; Tuesday to Sunday, 12-3pm & 5-9pm